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Get the First Mover Advantage with AI and ChatGPT 


We Build ChatGPT based applications for Businesses, Education  and Government entities  

Using Mobile Phones

We build AI experiences that acquire, engage, convert and retain users on channels, websites and apps your customers everyday.



We use ChatGPT and natural language processing to help train the models/agents to understand frequently asked questions

Our conversational experiences can integrate with your existing marketing stack and can help improve customer care, boost awareness and increase sales

Get Started with AI 

You  own  your data and will not be dependent on us.  We integrate your existing websites and app secure with  AI applications to make your existing applications sentient and intelligent.

ChatGPT and AI gives you a massive competitive advantage.
Industries we can help 


Telco and Tech

Validation, fraud detection, audit,  datasets, language modelling- we got it.

Government entities

We work with the entries to speed up processes and build custom datasets.

Startups/ SMBs

ChatGPT accelerates your growth, get the First mover advantage. 


Nurturing relationships, increasing sales and boosting support.

Your Data is Intelligent

Making your applications intelligent

In terms of response accuracy, our custom large language models outperform ChatGPT by 70% prior to fine-tuning. They are trained only on your original datasets, thus reducing the error rates and improving the overall quality of text generation.

  • Can you give us a demo?
    Yes, please reach out to us for a discovery.
  • How do I get started?
    If you have an existing website and/or apps, we add the Chatgpt functionality and natural language processing to built custom dataset that can intelligently acts as sentient human being available 24/7.
  • Will this app compromise our data privacy?
    he app uses secure connections to communicate with the ChatGPT4 API, and all data is handled in accordance with OpenAI’s privacy policy.

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